Welcome to ‘ability’ racing on the Island!

The Island Youth Road and Track Series is racing at YOUR level, from beginner to junior national team hopeful. Practice real race skills and tactics as you race....drafting, cornering, attacking, chasing and sprinting.
    Progress and race at your level: try different categories when you're feeling stronger....or dial it down when you're not. Some events include pre-race clinics and you'll often see coaches in the bunches - skill-building in real time!
      Five categories will be offered, and you choose which is best for you. A coaches' panel will review the entries. Each category includes co-ed riders at similar speeds. And yes, you can change when you see who's in your category.
      • A= strongest u19 boys, strongest u19 and u17 girls, strongest u17 boys, outlier* u15s
      • B= newer u19 boys, u17 boys, u19 girls, stronger u15 boys
      • C= most u15 boys, u17 girls, strongest u15 girls, strongest u13 riders
      • D= most u13s, newest u15 boys, and most u15 girls
      • E= u11, newer u13, u15, newest u17s
        • * Outliers are exceptional early developers

Where are the races?

Want to see if there's a race near you? With eight races from March to April, there is a good chance there is!

Race Schedule

How much does it cost?

Pre-registration is $25 per race and includes timing chip. ($5 for a replacement timing chip, so don't lose it!) If you don't have a CBC licence, you can get a one-day licence at the event sign in. On the registration page, look for "Confirmation list" on the right side of the screen and you can see who has already registered.

Register now!

Why riders like ability racing

I rode the White Rock Youth B race and it was way more fun being able to chase and attack instead of barely hanging on until I got dropped by the best riders in combined category races."

Remy Garrison Tripleshot Youth Team, Multiple Provincial Championship Medallist

Full results will be posted here after each race. All riders will be eligible for "most improved' and 'spirit of sport' awards as well as draw prizes. To keep everyone's focus on skills and activities rather than race outcome there are no placing prizes. Shout out to Rebel Timing, an Island company!


A National Team Viewpoint

I wish I'd been able to race ability categories when I was starting out, because everyone develops at different rates when we're younger. Racing with people of the same ability challenges you and makes it a lot more fun."

Sarah Van Dam Tripleshot Youth Team Alumnus/BC Provincial Team/2019 World Cup National Team/Red Truck