What does this term mean?

Well, if you’re a rock star u17, you can get upgraded to u19 and duke it out with the best of the best. And if you’re younger, or a little below that level, or not training as much or maybe still learning skills, you can race your level. You can even change levels if you estimate incorrectly and choose the wrong group. This is a huge improvement in the youth racing experience.

While this approach has been successful in other provinces, 2019 is the first year for BC to offer ability racing as ‘the norm’ in road and track events. Were you at the Western Track Challenge in Burnaby in January? Ability Racing. Planning on riding the Hayman Classic in May? Ability Racing. Russ Hay’s Grand Prix @ the Cameron Law Series in June? Ability Racing. It’s EVERYWHERE! Because coaches who understand youth cycling have worked hard to make it happen!

The Island Youth Road and Track Series is the FIRST ability-category race series on Vancouver Island. We hope you enjoy the races!

Welcome to Ability Racing!